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Paranthaman Exporters has a wide range of drilling rigs for the following application water well drilling rig, Blast hole drilling rig, mineral exploration, piling and pole drilling.

Water Well Drilling Rings

Most reliable water well drilling rigs to source water for you.

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Exploration Rigs

Drilling rig for mineral exploration such as core drilling,reverse circulation by DTH method.

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Blast Hole Rigs

Drilling rig for continious production in mines for Exploration Blasting

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Special Purpose Equipments

Custom made drilling rig manufactured to suite your requirement.

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Pump Installation Unit

Pump installation unit are used to test the yield of the borehole and aid in the right selection if submersible pumps

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Special / Related Equipments

Hydro fracture unit are used to regenerate the waterwell by injection high pressure water into the bore hole.

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Drilling Accessories

DTH Hammers & Bits | Drilling rods

High quality, High Pressure DTH drilling Hammers & Bits.

Core Drill Accessories

Wide range of good quality core drilling tools, accessories.

Rc hammers & Bits

Rock roller bits, drill collars, reamers, hole openers can be supply with best quality.

Mud Pump Accessories

Duplex High Pressure good quality mud pumps supply.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

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My second visit to the new outfit, and have seen a lot of progress. There is a lot of activity and a vast variety of machines being fabricated. The stocks and employee facility are upto standard as well. Well Done! Wishing you all the very best in your future endeavours.


Sparr Drilling Co. Ltd., Nairobi - Kenya.

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It was a great pleasure to visit after the purchase of PRD 650 four years ago. It's good to drill with PRD Rigs. It's User-Friendly and could be modified to suite any condition. Best Of Luck to Paran and his team as they continue to provide this great machines in order to quenche the thirst of communities.

Wernher Reith

ADRA Srilanka, Srilanka

Avatar IMG

It's not difficult to access PRD. This is One of the best organized factory I have seen in the past 20 years. I have been to Michigan, Massechesuetes in USA, SA, Malaysia and I have never seen such an organized factory. Well Done!

Raffic Kauray

Braha Investments, Botswana

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I am very satisfied with the technical explanation and capability of the staff. I enjoy the cordial treatment during my stay, starting from the top management upto the lower level of the staff. For sure, You are my first choice in the future and I have confirmed my right choice to get my first Rig from PRD Rigs. Thank You all!

Nigus GlEqziabha

Tekday General Trading, Ethopia

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