PRD 650 Blast Hole Rigs

A PRD 650 model DTH cum Rotary drilling rig with mast assembly, rotary head, control panel and other related accessories mounted on a new 6 X 4 Truck with all other standard accessories. A hydraulically driven PRD 125 mud pump is also mounted on the same truck. Power for the rig is taken from truck engine through transfer gear box. Welding machine is also mounted on the same truck

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CAPACITY 6" can be used with 4 1/2", 3 1/2"
PRIME MOVER 6 mtr with end adapter
MAST A box type welded structure, c type carbon steel channel with rectangular bar for rotary head giide.
Height - 8 mtr
Head travel - 7.45 mtr
Rod handling - 6 mtr
Rod changing Option - manuval rod changing with single rod
PULL UP AND PULL DOWN By means hydraulic cylinder and wire rope,
reeving Ratio 1:3
Max pull up force 5500 kg
Max pull up speed - 38mtr/min
Max pull down force - 3300 kgs
Max pull down speed - 63mtr/min
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Max operating pressure - 210 kg / cm2 (3000 psi)
ROTARY HEAD Rotary head is powered by one hydraulic motor
Max torque - 225 kg-mtrs
Max speed - 0 to 90 rpm
STABILIZER system consists of four hydraulic leveling jacks with heavy duty box type and pilot operated check value.
OPERATING PANEL Centralized control panel for drilling and track control
BREAK OUT WRENCH Hydraulic operated break out wrench for breaking drill rods.
COMPRESSOR OPTION 650/200,600/200,540/185

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