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PRD Speed Star

Water Well Drilling Rigs

Diameter 6 1/2" to 12" dia bore hole
Depth 363 mtr
Application Water Well Drilling Rig
Formation Soft / Hard
PRIME MOVER Truck mounted rig with power from truck engine through transfer gear box
MOUNTING The rig unit is mounted on a suitable 6X4 truck
MAST Box type structure
Max Capacity - 18 tons (39600 lbs)
Height - 8.0 mtr (27 ft)
Rod handling capacity - 6.0 mtr (20 ft)
PULL UP SPEED 39 mtr/min (128ft/min)
PULL UP FORCE 10600 kgs (23369 Ibs)
PULL DOWN FORCE 7100 kgs (15652 lbs)
PULL DOWN SPEED 58 mtr/min (190 ft/min)
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM 210 kg/cm2 (3000 psi)
JACKS Four Box type hydraulic jacks

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