PRD Multistar

We are engaged in offering PRD Multistar Mining Rigs, which is capable to drill a diameter bore up to 600 meter (2000 ft) by dth. These skid / crawler mounted rigs are run by the power supplied from deck engine both for track and rig unit. The rig has a web type structure with excellent rod handling capacity of 6.1 meter (20ft).

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CAPACITY 6 1/2" dia bore up to 600 mtr by DTH
5" RC Drilling up to - 400mtr (1167ft)
NQ core drilling up to - 750mtr (4000ft)
PRIME MOVER Skid / Crawler mounted rig with power from deck engine both for track and rig unit
WORK METHOD Rotation with direct/reverse circulation, nucleus destruction with bleeding by air, water or mud
MAST Web type structure
Max Capacity - 30 tons (66000 lbs)
Max Height - mtr (27 ft) - 9mtr (30ft)
Rod handling capacity - 6.1 mtr (20ft)
Angle drilling option 90 - 45degree
Forward/reverse dumping of 2mtr
PULL UP AND PULL DOWN By means of twin hydraulic cylinder (125 x 70 x 2650) and wire rope Reeving Ratio 1:3
Max Pull up force - 18410 kgs (40500 lbs)
Max Pull up speed - 30 mtr / min
Max Pull down force - 12635 kg (27800 lbs)
Max Pull down speed - 44 mtr/ min
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM 210 kg / cm2 / (3000 psi)
HYDRAULIC OIL COOLER 120 GPM fin type cooler
ROTARY HEAD Two speed rotary head is powered by two speed hydraulic motorRotary head can be slide out hydraulically for handling the casing pipe and rod handling
Core drilling two speed rotary head with twin speed motor
6.2 102 2:1 88 7680 1344
12.4 204 2:1 176 15360 622
6.2 102 9:1 400 34896 273
12.4 204 9:1 801 69792 137
DISPLACEMENT (CU-IN/REV) 6.2 12.4 6.2 12.4
DISPLACEMENT (CC-IN/REV) 102 204 102 204
GEAR RATIO 2:1 2:1 9:1 9:1
TORQUE (KG-MTRS) 88 176 400 801
TORQUE (IN-LBS) 7680 15360 34896 69792
MAX SPINDLE 1344 622 273 137
JACKS Four box type hydraulic jaws
WATER INJECTION PUMP Triplex reciprocating pump powered by hydraulic motor (bean pump)
BREAK OUT WRENCH To open the drill joints rigid type break out wrench of 350 mm stroke will be provided with rope attached
MAIN WINCH Maximum pull up at 1st layer - 10 tons Maximum pull up speed at 1st layer - 45 m/min Rope diameter - 18mm
WIRELINE WINCH Maximum pull up at 1st layer - 2 tons Maximum pull up speed at 1st layer - 75 m/min Rope diameter - 6 mm Robe length - 30mtr
OPTIONAL ATTACHMENTS Mud pump - Hydraulic motor driven 6" x 8" mud pump for rotary drilling bean type water pump for core drilling The rig can be mounted on a self propelled under carriage
FOOT CLAMP Hydraulic operated foot clamp for core drilling application
SWIVEL Mud / water swivel for mud and core drilling
CYCLONE Cyclone attachment for rotary head for RC drilling
SUITABLE COMPRESSOR 1200 cfm / 350 psi / 1200 cfm / 330 psi
ROD HANDLING Jib swing arrangement for handling of drill rod to drill head
FOOT CLAMP Hydraulic operated foot clamp to hold HQ, NQ and JAWS
HIGH PRESSURE WATER 205 lpm, Pressure - 1000psi Under Carriage Specs

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