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We offer PRD Tractor Mounted Rigs, which are available in various models, sizes, and working capacities. The equipment is provided with water injection pump, hydraulic system, rotary head that helps in performing 4 1/2" to 6 1/2" dia. bore holes up to 150 meters (500 ft). Known for their excellent rod handling capacity, these are also provided with additional attachments such as screw / centrifugal mud pump driven by deck engine or hydraulic motor.

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CAPACITY 4 1/2" to 6 1/2" dia bore holes up to 175 mtrs ( 575 ft )
APPLICATION Water Drilling, Core Drilling, Reverse Circulation Drilling, Pilling Drilling & Geo Technology Drilling
PRIME MOVER From tractor engine
WORK METHOD Rotation with direct circulation, nucleus destruction with bleeding by water,air or foam
MAST Medium duty channel structureMax Capacity - 10 tons (22000 lbs)
Height - 5 mtr ( 16.5 ft)
Rod handling capacity - 3 mtr (10 ft)
PULL UP AND PULL DOWN By means hydraulic cylinder and wire rope,
reeving Ratio 1:2
Max pull up force - 4500 kg (9900 lbs )
Max pull up speed - 15 mtr/min (49 ft / min )
Max pull down force - 3000 kg ( 6600 lbs )
Max pull down speed - 34 mtr/min ( 112 ft / min )
ROTARY HEAD Rotary head is powered by one hydraulic motor
Max torque - 150 kg - mtrs (13000 inch - lbs)
Max speed - 0 to 80 rpm
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM 160 kg / cm2 ( 2250 psi )
BREAK OUT WRENCH To open the drill joints hydraulic break out wrench of 350 mm stroke will be provided with rope attached
JACKS Three Hydraulic jacks of dia 100 X dia 63 X 610 mm stroke
WATER INJECTION PUMP Triplex reciprocating pump of 50 lpm / 1000 psi powered by Hydraulic motor
OPTIONAL ATTACHMENT Dual speed rotary head can be supplied with torque 150 kg-mtr 40 kg-mtr and Rotation speed changes accordingly. The above can be mounted on LCV and also Same tractor mounted rig can be supply with pneumatic winch and rotation motor rig can be supplied with auxiliary winch and single rod changer Hydraulic system will have the option of an oil cooler. The rig can also be supplied with screw / centrifugal mud pump driven by Deck engine or Hydraulic motor.
SUITABLE COMPRESSOR 450/150, 600/200, 650/200 or 540/185

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