There are different methods used to drill underwater and here mentioned below are all of them. These methods are timed back to ancient times to modern day technology.

1) Cable Tool Drilling

This type of method is used since the early times and it is still effective than many other drilling tools. A hollow metal pipe is used to dig into the ground and water is used to make the soil soft enough to get penetrated. This is to repeat until you reach the desired depth. The metal is hit time and again on the same surface of the ground to break any rocks in between.
One of the ends is attached to a rope and then that rope is used to beat the ground. This technique was introduced in 1953. Before that, people would use a hollow tree trunk to drill into the ground. This has been proved effective in various cases and is still one of the most preferred of all.
With such a simple technology, experts have a well with a depth of up to 11, 145 ft. into the ground. This was done to find a natural gas refinery and is considered as one of the most successful projects done under cable tool drilling.

2) Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal drilling is used to bypass into some leaks mainly and it is used for the most inaccessible places. This method can bore a hole underneath without causing any effect to the surface above. Most of the application includes boring under highways, towns and rivers. When it comes to onshore drilling, this is an effective method to get to the resource in less time.
This requires less amount of money and time which makes it one of the most used methods in the Middle East. The equipment used in the method is too easy to install and you can easily get one for your onshore drilling.


Offshore vs Onshore drilling

Offshore drilling is usually used in all the places located on dry land. Different rigs are used for both offshore and onshore drilling. Here are the rigs that are used for drilling in offshore drilling – 

  • Fixed Platform
  • Compliant Towers
  • Sea Star
  • Floating Production System
  • Tension Leg Platform
  • Spar Platform

You can get them easily in the market and they are used as per the type of rock bed. Be it offshore or onshore drilling, they all are used to get access to natural gas. Onshore takes much more time than offshore drilling and is less durable.

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