It may be for an established business that might want to upgrade its fleet with new technology or might be a newcomer who wants to open a business and wants to purchase a rig for the first time. Any of the above instances require different rigs, which have a different selection process including particular requirements, horsepower required, which technology is needed etc. We at PRD Rigs are here to solve your problem.

What Questions To Ask Before Buying A Drilling Rig

Buyers always get confused between purchasing a new or a used rig. Buyer has a perception that by purchasing a used rig will save them money. Purchasing a new drilling rig just makes the deal as it can fulfil all the requirements needed and all the parts are in new condition, but when looking for a used rig, Owner may have used the rig aggressively which may not be seen in the advertising. A used rig will cost the same as a new rig as it requires some additional work after purchasing. Also, an overlooked factor in buying a used rig why is the owner selling it? This may affect the price. It may be that he is retiring or that he has changed his business or has completed his work with that particular project. The fact is that it’ll cost the same either by purchasing a used one or by purchasing a new one.

Other questions to be asked before buying a drilling rig are:

What is the purpose of the drilling?

Before purchasing a drilling rig, you should be very specific with the proposed for the drilling. For example, water well drilling requires different system and soil sampling different.

Where do you want to drill?

This plays a vital role in selecting the power of your rig. There’s a lot of difference between drilling on a plain surface and drilling in mountains. Drilling in the mountains requires more horsepower which increases fuel consumption.
We at PRD Rigs have all types of rigs that will just make your deal.

What is maintenance costing?

Before buying a rig you should also see the maintenance cost that depends on the model you select. Also, see the operating cost depending upon the power of the rig and fuel consumption.
At PRD Rigs you’ll get low maintenance rigs.

What is your target budget?

Size, capabilities and shipping considerations all need to be taken into account when thinking about how much your business is able to commit and here at PRD Rigs we help you in giving the best products at the best prices.

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Choosing The Right Drilling Rig Does and Donts

Many jobs require drilling. There comes a time in every driller’s life when a new rig has to be bought. If you are in the market for one and are looking for information that can help with making the right purchasing decision then you have landed at the right place.

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