PRD RIGS LANKA is established as the first drilling rig exclusive service center for hydraulic and pneumatic drilling rigs service with state of the art facility, it aims to provide an ethical, futuristic service and modification to all drilling Rigs.
It’s an extended arm of Paranthaman exporters that manufacture and delivers drilling rigs to over 60 countries globally, for various applications like water well, exploration, mining, infrastructure, and energy drilling. The equipment we provide is futuristic and technological advanced drilling solutions which are key to the overall development of a country be it infrastructure, communal development, or energy base development. PRD rigs Lanka aims to revolutionize the Sri Lankan drilling industry with such derivatives for economic, safe, and efficient drilling solutions. Providing to the private, government, and infrastructure development path of the country.
In the near future with over 4 decades of expertise, PRD Rigs Lanka aims at manufacturing, assembling, and export drilling rigs from Sri Lanka a few variations of the PRD range of drilling from this branch increasing the revenue, market share, and the brand of PRD. Short termly also aims to bring order and structure to the un-organized drilling sector in the country through our already stabilized business relationships with various Government bodies and NGO in Sri Lanka. As our motto is we strive to make it “GOOD TO DRILL”



PRD RIGS aims to be meaningful global player in providing drilling equipment’s & effective drilling solutions.


Being the first choice of drillers, who use world class products with sustainable energy and future technology, delivering economic and user friendly safe drilling solution which help in enriching the life’s of people, environment and universal progress.