Client : WNB Provincial Government Grant
Challenges : Highly rugged & inaccessible topography
Services/Solution : On-site deployment & training, after-sales support

Water is the fundamental necessity of all communities. According to a report, Papua New Guinea has the lowest water access indicators among the 15 developing Pacific Island nations. Most families often walk miles to fetch water from rivers and catchment areas. The country’s extremely rugged terrain and its inaccessible landscape have repelled most of the drilling rig suppliers as much of the area can be reached only on foot.

PRD Rigs took the challenge to reach the country’s most rural areas and improve the living conditions of the communities by making water accessible to every family. We partnered with WNB Provincial Government Grant and commissioned PRD 650 Drilling Rigs that are perfectly capable of working in mountainous regions.

Our highly skilled engineers trained the technical staff in the country to operate, maintain and troubleshoot the rigs, staying on site for more than a month. We’re the only rig suppliers who still provide spare parts and prompt after-sales support to one of the world’s most strenuous topographies.


PRD Speed star a super performer bore hole drilling rig with a pull up force of 10700 kg capable of drill depth up to 365 m of 6 1/2” diameter with capacity to drill 6 1/2” to 12”. DTH and Rotary method for water well and Dewatering application.



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