Client : Royal Thai Army (Commercial project)
Challenges : Harsh climate, parched terrain and saggy soil
Services/Solution : Specially designed highly robust rig that operates with minimal man-power

With water level in the country’s biggest dams dipping to lower than 10 percent, the Royal Thai Army took the aid of PRD rigs to help Thailand’s citizens cope with the country’s worst drought in decades. The harsh and dry climate had led to the parching and sagging of soil in most regions. There was a great need for a suitable water drilling rig that could withstand the worst climate, operating with minimal man power so the dangerous sagging sand doesn’t lead to any human loss.

PRD Max Drill Autoloader accompanied the Thai Army in helping the people in need and it is a huge saver in terms of labour costs as well. The similar water drilling operation which is typically performed by 6 men was reduced to only 2 men ( 1 Operator and 1 Helper ) with the help of PRD Max Drill Autoloader.

The workhorse’s robust build was fit to work relentlessly in the harsh environment, helping the people of Thailand survive one of the most extreme droughts in the century.


PRD Max Drill Auto loader a robust deep hole drilling rig with a pull up force of 13860 kg capable of drill depth up to 500 m of 6 1/2” diameter with capacity to drill 6 1/2” to 14”. DTH and Rotary method for water well and dewatering application.



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