Client : Omar Salim Baslum Co Ltd
Challenges : Severe time constraint
Services/Solution : Deployed a special team.Designed and delivered highly customized rigs overnight

Shipment of goods from India to Kenya via ocean freighters are planned in advance, usually a month beforehand, which means the missing of schedule would cause an unbearable loss to the customer, as the consignment cannot reach them without advance booking and would delay the shipment by a month. This is one of the many reasons our team of engineers work with extreme time sensitivity.

We, at PRD Rigs take timelines seriously and customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We delivered 7 customizations required for one of our most important customers in Kenya, Omar Salim Baslum Co Ltd, overnight, by deploying a special team of engineers to comply with the last-minute improvements to PRD Oz Drill which included modifications in the truck bumper, hose cage and enhancements like head light protection, mud flap for drill table, ladder and mounting arrangement for extra tyre. Normally modifications of this volume would take up to 4 days to be completed, but it could delay the shipment by ocean freighter by 30 days.

Considering the gravity of the situation, our special team of engineers worked swiftly and delivered the requested modifications in just 8 hours. The diligent work of our engineers saved our customer USD 20,000 with the shipment reaching the destination on time as planned. Our client trusted us, and we delivered.


PRD OZ Drill a versatile deep hole drilling rig with a pull up force of 23300 kg capable of drill up to 750m depth of 6 1/2” diameter with capacity to drill 6 1/2” to 20”. DTH and Rotary method for water well, CP and dewatering application.



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