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PRD Interim – July 2021



TATA 2823 BS6 is a new segment truck for PRD Autoloader Model Rig in Domestic market, due to change in government regulations & emission norms the truck manufactures have to go for BS6 emission standard.

Based on that TATA has introduced truck models for drill rig mounting. The truck will come in different variant with cabin and without cabin.  We are happy to inform you that we have received the first BS6 TATA 2823 model truck chassis from TATA for PRD Autoloader Rig Mounting.


Our Valuable customer M/S.VEDA PILE FOUNDATION, Chennai is one of the leading piling contractor doing all type of Piling works for construction foundation projects in and around tamilnadu.

M/S.VEDA PILE FOUNDATION, is one of the valuable customer for M/s. PRD Rigs India Pvt Ltd. This customer alone has purchased 40 PRD Tractor Mounted Rig machine on 75HP & 90HP tractors. And doing the various piling projects with our tractor mounting for various construction piling projects.

Recently they have procured piling contract work from Slum Clearance Board on MGR Colony, Vyasarpadi, Chennai as single piling contract. Which was initiated on 8th July 2021 by our Honorable Chief Minister Son Mr. Udhayanithi Stalin accompanied with Rural & Small Industries, Slum Clearance Board Minister Mr. T.M. Anbarasan and Minister Mr. Sekar Babu.

In that occasion our PRD Tractor Mounted Piling rig deputed and demonstrated to Mr.Udhayanithi Stalin and he operated our rig machine and integrated the work.


Recently a 12 year old PRD Speed Star(YOM-2009)had arrived in our yard at PRD Rigs Kenya.  The customer M/S.Pokot Outreach Ministries requested a complete rebuild at our facility. The rig has played a key role in providing water to one of the most remote communities in the Pokot region. 

The following works was completed by our team in under 4 weeks,

– Install new engine for truck
– Major overhaul on the Cummins engine
– Hydraulic system upgrade
– Rotary head and power take off rebuild
– Replace all hydraulic hoses
– Frame level strip and repaint

The easiest part was the engine rebuilt, then we had the challenge of hydraulic upgrades which need some major brain stroming to see how to upgrade the system with existing hydraulic components.

Finally, the most time consuming part of this project was the complete strip down and painting of the mammoth rig. In any rebuilt the strip down usually reveals unseen challenges we had faced quite a few, but thankful nothing major. The Rebuilt PRD SPEED Star when in for a 3 layer painting process as done to our quality standards of our manufacturing plant.

All this under 4 weeks was incredible perseverance and push from our team of experienced and trained technicians here at PRD RIGS KENYA now the rig is back to the community to provide clean and safe drinking water for more decades to come.

Happy drilling forever with PRD Rigs!


Casing costs compromise one of the largest cost items of the drilling project. Therefore proper planning of casing setting depths and casing selection is vital to realize a cost effective and safe well.

The casings themselves ful fill multiple functions that can be summarized as:
– Isolate porous formations with different fluid-pressure regimes from contaminating the pay zone.
– Prevent near surface fresh water zones from contamination with drilling mud,
– Protect the hole from caving in,
– Provide a connection and support of the wellhead equipment,
– Provide exact dimensions for running testing, completion and production subsurface equipment.

Conductor Casing: The function of the conductor is to enable circulation of the drilling fluid to the shale shakers without eroding the surface sediments directly below the rig foundation. Conductor setting depths are in the range of 150 to 600 [ft], their sizes range from 36 to 20 [in].

Surface Casing: The function of the surface casing is to prevent cave in of unconsolidated, weak near-surface formations as well as protect the shallow, freshwater sands from contamination with drilling mud. Surface casing setting depths are in the range from 300 to 5,000 [ft], their diameters range from 24 to 17-1/2 [in].

Intermediate Casing: The intermediate casing string is a purely technical casing. One or more may be necessary to handle abnormal formation pressures, unstable shale formations, lost circulation or cave-in zones. Intermediate casing diameters range from 17-1/2 to 9-5/8 [in].

Production Casing: The production casing is set through the prospective production zone(s). This casing string protects the environment in case of production tubing failure and permits the tubing string to be maintained or replaced during the production life. A production casing diameter of 7 [in] is encountered often.


Augmented reality technology isn’t just the way of the future; it’s happening now at the manufacturing facilities around the world. It gives an augmented hands-on experience that neither simulation nor reality can fully match.

AR has a variety of uses in industrial automation. AR aims to produce efficient operations by cutting down production downtime, quickly identifying the problems, and keeping all the services and processes going. With AR, manufacturing companies experience cost reduction, speed increases, fewer errors, and overall improved safety.

However, some of the most beneficial areas of AR’s use is to help solve problems related to maintenance. For instance, if a piece of manufacturing equipment is broken, a technician could use a mixed-reality headset to simultaneously examine the physical parts of the machine while also viewing text, instructions and images to help fix the problem. The information that technicians need when checking or repairing an industrial motor can be projected directly onto the part on which they are operating. This eliminates the need to consult charts and instruction manuals, speeding up the process.

This is particularly advantageous for complicated pieces of equipment or facilities with few experienced personnel. In these instances, AR can be used to deliver expert support remotely from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) without needing to fly specialists from one side of the globe to the other.

Case Study
Caterpillar Inc. is an American Fortune 100 corporation. The company, which caters to three industries—resource industries (mining), construction, and energy/transportation (power/compulsion systems for marine, oil & gas, turbines and locomotives).
They developed their own AR app which provides the worker with sequential instructions to perform tasks on CAT machines. The worker can take picture of each step, this will help in learning the procedures faster and avoid any errors. The company has used a mixed reality app to build a tractor that has 6,000 part numbers. A worker on a job site could use a simulation of digging trenches to see if the highway control requirements are violated. The company’s modern technology mission: “To be cheaper, smarter and faster,” said Terri Lewis, digital and technology director at Caterpillar.

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