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PRD Interim – March 2022


It’s been a great month, where I was traveling and had an opportunity to visit the branches freely as travel restrictions and the threat of Covid-19 the global pandemic is slowly dying down. I pray that this threat has ended. I also feel for the citizens of Ukraine who are facing the Sudden invasion of Russia this might be a classic example of a stalemated leadership. Where consistent power the leader might lose focus of his Endeavours as it has been stated in the Book “10 rules of successful Nations.
On our global front, congratulation to the team as we have successfully reached a landmark of 100 rigs dispatched in the financial year 2021-2022.

This is the second consecutive year we are reaching the feet of 100rigs even though we have had the challenges of the pandemic in 20-21 and an aggressive second wave in 21-22which had major impacts on supplies and material mobility the coordination and planning of the team is highly appreciated.


Indonesia continues to be a significant player in the global mining industry, with significant production of coal, copper, gold, tin, bauxite, and nickel. Indonesia also continues to be one of the world’s largest exporters of thermal coal.
Indonesia is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of coal. Since 2005, when it overtook Australia, the country is the leading exporter in terms of thermal coal.
According to information presented by Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesian coal reserves are estimated to last around 83 years if the current rate of production is to be continued.

At current rates of production (and if new reserves are not found), global coal reserves are estimated to last for around 112 years. The biggest reserves are found in the USA, Russia, China, India and Indonesia.
Mostly in coal mining, rotary blast hole drills are very familiar and widely used across Kalimantan and Sumatra regions.
Average single pass depth 9 & 11 meter with 6 ¼, 6 ¾” & 7 ⅞” sizes.
Epiroc and Sandvik has highest market shares contributing to 98% of total population.
EPIROC DM 30, DM 45 and Sandvik D245s are fast moving models.
Total Rotary drill population in Kalimantan is 230 Numbers.


We have participated in EARTHCON EXPO held @ Indore on 11th – 13th March. The expo is mainly for Construction Machinery, Material Handling Equipments, Earth Moving Machinery, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Mining Machine & Tools, Building Material and Machinery. We are opted for indoor built up stall aiming to promote our Product and Service on Central India. This our first participation in this Expo, since more Borewells and Mining customers are available in this area. And this EXPO help us to expand our winch to reach untapped market. Our Existing and New customer also visited our stall.


We happy to inform you all that 1st time we have designed and developed Crawler mounted Piling rig for Construction Piling application in oil refineries. We are going to supply this rig to drill 1200mm dia hole upto 75mtrs in soft soil using Rotary method.

With years of experience and the success of Tractor Mounted Rigs, helps us to design and develop this crawler mounted piling rig successful in a short time period. Whereas our crawler mounted piling rig is more suitable to do the job at tough terrains. Following features:

i. 3Mtr Rod Handling Mast with Dumping option
ii. AL 160 HP 6 Cylinder engine.
iii. 7.5 Ton Crawler
iv. Centrifugal mud Pump
v. Heavy duty rotary head


We celebrated the safety day in our factory on 4th March -2022. Department HOD’s spoke about importance of the safety in the factory. We explained about, what are all the safety corrective action implemented in our factory. Like

– Interlocking system implemented in shearing and bending machines 
–  Automatic control implemented in main gate to avoiding accidents
Also explained about importance of the personal protective equipment’s using in the factory and every one personal life.

Also explained about importance of the personal protective equipment’s using in the factory and every one personal life.
Explained the Safety Theme for 2022 – “NURTURE YOUNG MINDS DEVELOP SAFETY CULTURE” and Importance of safety culture. Then played Some Safety videos for importance of the safety and how to teach the safety among the people.
Finally, every one took the pledge of safety.


Cost saving with a fully loaded container creating the best way to deliver. Appreciate the support from the internal delivery team which consists of Despatch and logistics.
Since we have signed a new dealership for the central African region. The region we are pushing hard to penetrate. We have recently predicted and projected the sales for a good drilling season this year and have collaborated with our dealer M/s.Waterway.we have dispatched a lot of goods in one Single Shipment of 20ft container. The container had all the products such as, Hammer and bits, drill rods, bentonite, drilling fluids, Centrifugal Mud pumps rig spares and Accessories.

The applauses is for the entire despatch team as they are gearing up to do Greater things even as they are moving into the GLOBAL AFTERSALES STORE in early April of 2022.the dedication and risk taken By the team especially Despatch Assistants P.VIJAYKUMAR, C.VIGNESH, S.VIGNESHWARAN, N.SATISHKUMAR and C.KADHIRAVEL the team lead By PRANESHRAJA –DESPATCH Executive is highly appreciated they have always showed dedication and done a lot of overtime for the completion of their work. As their experience grows they show that they have gained knowledge in their field with a cost-effective Stuffing plan which enabled them to stuff around 20box plus the 400kgs of bentonite bags.

Our target in the future is to Achieve cost effectiveness by proper stuffing Plan and High profitability.


Drilling operations can generate substantial amounts of dust that not only reduce visibility but, more significantly, can result in long-term health effects from the inhalation of particles and fibres. Although nuisance or general dust has no specific toxic properties, it can overload lung clearance mechanisms.
Exposure to some particle types in dust can lead to:
– lung disease (e.g. asbestos and other fibrous minerals, silica)
– systemic toxicity (e.g. radioactive particles, toxic metal- bearing minerals)
– scarring or irritation of the respiratory tract.

In addition to the dusty environments commonly encountered at mineral exploration sites, dust is generated during drilling, particularly at the:

– T-piece or stuffing box
– splitter
– cyclone (top vent)
– collar
– outlet for the outside return.

Assessing the risks
Direct risk factors

 – Geology and hydrology
 – Drilling method

Contributing risk factors
 – Stage of drilling (commencement of hole)
 – Absence or inadequacy of dust suppression measures
 – Position of drill rig relative to other work areas, support vehicles and camp
 – Weather conditions, particularly wind velocity
 – Poorly fitting respiratory protection

Rating severity of the risk
The severity of the risk relates to the volume of dust, duration of exposure, and the composition of the particulates and fibres.
Risk controls
 – Assess dust exposure and implement a dust management plan. Where fibrous minerals may be present, incorporate a fibrous minerals management plan.
 – When designing drilling programs, assess the likelihood of encountering fibrous, radioactive or toxic metal-bearing minerals (e.g. using historical geological records).
 – Use diamond drilling rather than reverse circulation (RC) drilling in areas identified as high-risk for fibrous minerals.
 – Use wet drilling methods.
 – Ensure dust produced by drilling is collected and contained.
 – Where dust collection and containment are not practicable, dust should be directed away from personnel and camp areas (e.g. piped downwind).
 – All staff required to wear respirators should be fit tested and trained in respirator use. Powered air-purifying respirators are recommended for bearded people.
– Disposable respirators should be replaced regularly to prevent build-up of dust.


You might think of Virtual Reality is only related to world of games. While this unique technology creates an immersive experience that pushes the boundaries.VR gaming revenue for 2014 was $1.26 billion total but is expected to reach $19.5 billion by 2025.Now VR technology is beyond the world of games and entertainment. With the help of VR, it is possible to interact with the 3D environment and to experience an alternative realm.   “Imagine enjoying a courtside seat at a game, studying in a classroom of students and teachers all over the world or consulting with a doctor face-to-face – just by putting on goggles in your home”- Mark Zuckerberg.

Especially during this pandemic, people are seeking ways to connect with others remotely in a more delightful and empathetic way. VR had unlocked a whole new world of opportunities.

– Better training & exiting education 
– Manipulative advertising
– Travel and tourism
– Effective therapy
Virtual reality is truly an unending adventure with unending possibilities.

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