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PRD Interim – May 2021


Our first regional sales meeting is happening in Accra, Ghana. For the first time other country managers from Kenya, Guinea, Mali and Burkina Faso flew in and are joining the 3 days proceeding personally along with our MD. We will be discussing about Types of drilling processes, our new products, Market potential, Market requirements, new product development. Our team from India will also be sharing their views on New products for the Focus on other markets. It is a good beginning in the right direction for the future. looking forward to many more Global Events in PRD.


During the past months, We have received the complaint for gear wheel breakage In rotary head of one of our new rigs from kenya on 28-04-2021. Image attached below for your reference.

Upon deliberation and analysis for the root cause of the failure. The report indicated that there was a defect in the metallurgy. We agreed to our customer to replace the rotary head with new one.

After that we had a difficult time In this covid situation to deliver the material. The lead time stated by our supplier for the part was ready in stock but again due to the lockdown, Just transit was for 7 days. At PRD RIGS we follow a strict policy of breakdown emergency as a change and we try to close any such failure within the promised time to the customers. we tried our level best to satisfy the customers need.

As this was an emergency and the machine was there without any productive time. We resorted to removing the rotary head from ex-stock rig in our factory within the same day and we dispatched the rotary head on 30-04-2021.

This enforce our Aftersales and customer support promise even in pandemic situation, PRD not only stands by the promise but also go a Mile further to show that our Executives care for our customers. To reduce the machine down time the issue was sorted by replacing new rotary head and the machine running successfully.

Thanks to our hydraulic team for taking immediate action to deliver for the spares support team for greatness and beyond.


High mast pole has been erected at the centre of garden to improve the aesthetics of the factory. The pole is equipped with 8 lights of 200 KW LED lights each which gives 3600 lighting for the factory and admin block elevation. The pole erection was made without any proper crane facilities as the reach was not able to meet with our in-house crane. Hence a special attachment was made to extend the boom which fulfilled the reach. The erection work was done under the supervision of Mr. Erle and Mr. Thejesh with the crane operator Mr.Kesavan.

The pole eliminated the need of other lights to be illuminated in the outside of the factory. The pole also equipped with the automatic timer which eliminates the need of manual operation. The light pole has a winch system to bring down the entire light setup in case of maintenance. The light pole was designed to long last with the wind speeds of over 180 km/h.

The light pole has also the options to light up in four different combinations. The circuit is designed such a way that either 2 lights can be lighted up in first combination, 4 lights can be lighted up in second combination, 6 lights with the third combination and 8 lights in fourth combination. The high mast pole is also equipped with a small lightning arrestor which will protect the lightning surge along with the lightning arrestor installed in the factory.


 To drill deeper holes, a driller must have the skills required for early recognition of problem situations and rapid identification of the exact problem. In shallow holes, these skills can often be replaced by pulling the drill string to examine the tools. Problems like a rig breakdown have far greater significance in deeper holes, and downhole problems are more difficult to diagnose.

Rig breakdown with tools in the hole
The main requirement always is to prevent the drill string becoming stuck.
Necessary precautions include:
– If warned of impending breakdown, raise the string as high as possible with the swivel connected.
– Endeavour to maintain circulation.
– Work the string a metre or so at regular intervals.
– If a lengthy breakdown is likely, try to arrange for an auxiliary hoist to pull the winch cable and hoist the drill string inside the surface casing.

A rig breakdown invariably requires the driller to make a host of interrelated decisions, aimed at quickly resuming the hole making activity.

Bit penetration slows or stops

This is more of a statement about an indicator rather than a problem. The ultimate solution will depend on correctly diagnosing the problem, which could be related to:
– formation change
– bit balled up
– incorrect drill bit type
– dull bit
– incorrect bit thrust or speed
– inadequate bottom-hole clearing
– drill string failure
– other causes.

High drill string torque:  Slower penetration, accompanied by higher torque, is indicative of a damaged or worn bit. Sudden drops in penetration rate when using a downhole hammer suggest a high back pressure, which reduces the available pressure drop across the tool.

Likely problems are:
– excessive bit thrust
– gauge cutters (or stones) or bearings worn
– hole cleaning inadequate
– crooked hole
– lack of drill string lubrication
– squeezing or blocky formations.

Drill string vibration:  This often seems like a problem but the true problem usually lies in the reasons for the vibration, some of which were listed.

Uneven fluid return
 – Increasing returns indicate gas kick or other pressured fluid inflow
– Decreasing returns indicate loss of circulation (downhole permeability) or pump problems.

Uneven cutting return
The volume of cuttings depends, first of all, on the penetration rates. Increased cutting returns may indicate:
– a caving hole
– increasing mud viscosity or flushing rate
– a grinding core.

Reduced cutting returns may indicate:
– decreasing mud viscosity or flushing rate
– cuttings accumulating in the hole
– cuttings breaking up and dispersing in the mud.

Uneven pump pressure
Pump pressure is a function of the pumping rate. Increasing pump pressure may indicate:
– a plugged bit or excessive penetration rate
– a blocked core or full inner tube
– a caving hole or squeezing formation
– more viscous mud.

Decreasing pump pressure may indicate:
– leaks, especially in drill string joints
– a loss of circulation
– the pump not operating correctly
– a decrease in mud viscosity
–  a softer or weaker formation.


“dearMoon” Project

Space tourism is a newly introduced luxury that will potentially become reality very soon. Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezaw also announced a new project named “dearMoon,” which will enable 8 civilians to join a “week-long Starship mission around the Moon in 2023.” These are just two of the biggest names in space travel, with many more smaller companies ramping up their operations with scalable space-travel in mind.

Travelling Through a Wormhole in Space May Be Possible

Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity profoundly changed our thinking about fundamental concepts in physics, such as space and time. But it also left us with some deep mysteries. One was black holes, which were only unequivocally detected over the past few years. Another was “wormholes”.

The idea of a wormhole to create a bridge between two universes was first described by physicists Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen in 1935. In theory, they discovered that a black hole’s surface might work as a bridge to a second patch of space.

The two physicists have argued that the Randall-Sundrum II model allows for traversable wormhole solutions, where the wormholes are big enough that a person could traverse them and survive.

Though their research, published in APS Physics journal, is progress on previous studies on wormholes, a special machine to allow humans to travel to a different point in the universe through wormholes still seems far away. The two physicists want the mysterious dark matter in our universe to behave in a particular way for their discovery to succeed.

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