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PRD Interim – Sep 2021


Dear Folks, Hope everyone is well and taking strides to return back to their normal life. I urge everyone to have a proper fitness routine and take strides in having a healthy lifestyle.We have reached H2 and I think we are in the best way to keep pushing our efforts higher.

We have the best people and strong experts in the field giving their feedback in all the fields we are in. we have commissioned our second PRD EX65 drilling rig which is specially built with a 10mrts mast.

The rig is successfully running at Dhanbad Jharkhand. kudos to the team involved. In the Export Front, we are developing many new products and keep it sustainable with development constantly creating new products. we are in the verge of completion of our Proto rig for the Australian market and some special orders for our customers.

I congratulate the team on the 4 new cars acquired. Happy motoring and stay safe. I also appreciate the efforts of participation in the clean and plantation drive in Govt Girls Higher Secondary School, Perundurai under Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Scheme as a celebration of 75 years of independence.

God bless you all in the endless success and growth.


Sri Lanka has declared an economic emergency empowering the authorities to seize stocks of staple foods and set their prices, to contain soaring inflation after a steep devaluation of its currency due to a foreign exchange crisis.

The president of the island nation, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, on Monday declared an emergency under the public security ordinance to maintain the supply of food items such as sugar and rice at fair prices. The emergency came into effect from midnight.

The government has appointed a former army general as commissioner of essential services, who will have the power to seize food stocks held by traders and retailers and regulate their prices.

“The authorised officers will be able to take steps to provide essential food items at a concessionary rate to the public by purchasing stocks of essential food items including paddy, rice and sugar,” according to a press statement issued by Gotabaya’s media division.
“These items will be provided at governmentguaranteed prices or based on the customs value on imported goods to prevent market irregularities,” the statement said.

Sri Lanka’s Department of Census and Statistics said the increase in the foreign exchange rate was one of the reasons behind the rising prices of many essential items over the last 12 months.Month-on-month inflation in August rose to 6 percent from 5.7 percent in July, mainly due to high food prices, the department said. Sri Lanka, a net importer of food and other commodities, is witnessing a surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths which has hit tourism, one of its main foreign currency earners.


PRD Rigs India Mounted their Piling & Borehole Drill Unit on New Holland 7500 4WD Tractor Series for both Hard and Soft Formation. But now New Holland going to launch their Tractors with BSIV Norms and called it as NEW Holland – 4×4 5630 with updated features like Double Clutch, Power Steering and Efficient Mileage.

M/s. CNH Industrials, Noida send their NEW Holland Tractor – 4×4 5630 to our factory on 15th Sept 2021.Our Technical Departments inspected the tractor in various aspects and gave suggestions/feedback on updated design. So, now they are going to implement our suggestions on the same and will launch by March 2022.We are specially thankful to M/s. Ponni & Co to bring this opportunity to share our feedbacks.


Mahindra BLAZO 28 (BS IV) is a New Segment Truck for Domestic Market. Due to change in Govt Regulations & Emission Norms the truck manufacturers has to go for BSVI Emission Standards. Based on that Mahindra has introduced truck models for Drill Rig mounting Application.

Mr. Murugan Munusamy (Manager South) from M/s. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd Coimbatore, send their truck to our Factory for Demo Session on 23rd Sept 2021. Our Technical Team attended the Demo session along with our beloved Managing Director. The truck will come in different variants with cabin and without cabin. BLAZO 28 Model will be come with 28Ton capacity along with 280HP Engine.


The function of our Service, Support and Satisfaction doesn’t only extend to PRD customer but also to non-PRD customer – M/S. HADISSA (SL) Limited (The customer)owner Of 4 of our competitor’s rigs and 1 PRD Tractor (bought from M/S.Baba Drilling). His enquiry was first facilitated through M/S.PRD Rigs Ghana PVT LTD was we service multi-brands of drilling with the same expertise, as this was a more unique set of spares our team had asked us, In M/S.Paranthaman Exporters (referred as us) to facilitate.

The customer had taken 4-5 air shipments from us. He felt our service and responsiveness is more reliable than other suppliers and manufacturers from India. This enabled the customer to think beyond his normal operational practices and he innovated to buy operational spares in a single shipment from PRD as we were more responsible in quality and pricing (costeffective container).

The customer didn’t want to complicate things as trust in our service and support grew. The customer gave us his fleet details and we were able to facilitate the requirements. We also recommend additional operational spares.

The customer as an any-other standard company compare our pricing with our competitor and gave us a positive feedback as the pricing was nominally almost equal and the customer also understood the key factor of delivery and a one stop shop solution provided by PRD.when compared to competitors the customer established we were the only one’s to give reliable delivery time for all spares.

Finally, the customer finalized the order with us. For a value of over 100,000/- USD and the order was dispatched within 4 weeks as per the given commitment.

We proudly share that for the first time an order from a non-PRD customer to purchase a container load of spares and consumables was confirmed. As an add-on to ensure customer satisfaction we provided an experienced technician to facilitate services and take care of the maintenance of the customer’s Rig Fleet.
The Customer will employ him in his company as deal by a contract. The service technician is going to start his works there, from 1st of October 2021.
Wishing our new Customer M/S.HADISSA (SL) Ltd all the success.
Happy Drilling Forever with PRD RIGS___


The length of the mast structure for Multi star and Gold RC as per our drawings is 10.4 meters, which is quite large.

Our shot blasting booth’s inner length is almost similar in length compared to the mast structures of Multi star and Gold RC so we couldn’t fit these mast structures into the shot blasting booth for fabrication process.In order to overcome this we extended the booth upto 4 meters in length to accommodate mast structures and platform structure for stranger models fabrication. This allows for a larger working space for the operators to operate.

Operators will find it more convenient to move around and access the instruments and work more efficiently with less fatigue in this larger workspace. Hence this improves the quality and convenience of the work and the working process.




BHA – Assembly composed of the drill bit, stabilizers, reamers, drill collars, subs, etc., used at the bottom of the drill string.

Stabilizers are piece of pipe with blades machined on the external surface. The blades can be spiral or straight, normally they are 3 blades. They have many functions
– Reducing bending and buckling stresses on drill collars
– Remaining the string in concentric position which allows higher WOB.
– Preventing stuck by differential sticking.

Drill collars

Drill collars have larger outer diameter and smaller inner diameter than drill pipe. The functions of drill collars are:
– Provide the required weight on bit while drilling
– Maintain drill string in tension which reduces bending and fatigue failures.
– Provide stiffness for directional control

The connection thread of a drill collar can be machined directly on the body due to the large wall thickness. In order to prevent failure, correct make up torque has to be applied. It is very important to handle drill collars carefully. Shoulders and threads should be lubricated with lubricant containing 40% to 60% of metallic-zinc powder.Similarly to drill pipe, drill collars are subjected to different stresses caused by:
– Bending and buckling forces
– Tension
– Vibration

There are other types of drill collars used for special operations:
BHA – Assembly composed of the drill bit, stabilizers, reamers, drill collars, subs, etc., used at the bottom of the drill string.
– Spiral drill collars are used to avoid stuck while drilling through highly porous formation. The stuck can occur when high overbalanced of mud pressure is applied or while drilling high deviated wells. Among the methods used to minimize the risk of differential sticking is reducing the contact area between the collars and wellbore. In order to reduce the surface contact, spiral grooves are cut on collars.
– Nonmagnetic collars: this type of collars is used to isolate survey instruments from magnetic distortion caused by the steel of the drill string. The magnetic distortion can affect the directional instrument functioning.

Shock sub
A shock sub is used to dampen the vibration caused by the bit while drilling hard formation. it is normally located above the drilling bit to minimize stresses due to bit bouncing. The shock sub absorbs the vertical vibrations using a steel spring. Reducing bit bouncing has many advantages:
– Extending bit life by reducing impact on teeth
– Avoid string failures
– Reduce damage to surface equipment

Various Designs of hard facing
Tri Wave offers dedicated hardfacing meets different applications:

a). Tungsten Carbide Inserts (button type)
Dressing with crushed Tungsten in Nickel Bronze composite alloy rod with grinding. Depending on the toughness of the drilling formation, PREMIUM TUNGSTEN HARDFACING (dressing with 8 -10 mesh Tungsten Rod) and HEAVY TUNGSTEN HARDFACING (dressing with 10-18 mesh Tungsten Rod) can be selected by customers.
Applied: Soft to Medium formation
Advantage: Economical cost and repairable

b). Superhigh Tungsten Tips Hardfacing
Dressing with Tungsten inserts sintering by Tungsten carbide Nickel powder. It can get more strength and toughness after the welding procedure, to ensure the hardfacing’s abrasion resistance and not easily pull-out to cause damage.
Applied: High deviation drilling in abrasive formation
Advantage: Reliable wear, also repairable

c). Ultrahigh Tungsten Bricks Hardfacing
Dressing with the combination of Tungsten inserts
and crushed Tungsten carbide. It can get extreme high
strength and toughness after the welding procedure, to
ensure excellent abrasion resistance.
Applied: Most abrasive formation
Advantage: Most reliable wear

d). Tungsten Carbide Inserts (button type)
One of the most traditional hardfacing using Tungsten carbide inserts button.
Applied: Soft to Medium formation
Advantage: Economical cost


3D printing has been a big buzz term over the past decade–and for good reason. Though initially developed for product prototyping purposes, 3D printing technology has proven beneficial in the medical, aerospace, and tool-making arenas. While 3D printing’s emergence in the construction industry is ongoing, certain building aspects are poised for more growth than others.
The global 3D construction market is predicted to grow 91% between now and 2028, according to Grand View Research’s July 2021 market analysis report. The rise in the adoption of green construction projects is one of the major factors fueling the market growth. Building construction businesses are increasingly adopting 3D printing and green construction methods to reduce construction costs and build energy-efficient buildings.

One country that has quickly recognized the benefits 3D printing provides is UAE (United Arab Emirates). Already they have set out a strategy that will position them at the forefront of 3D printing adoption. Their goal is to have 25% of buildings in Dubai based on 3D printing technology by 2030.

Additive Manufacturing is a great way to bring more sustainable architecture to life. As there are plenty of benefits to using 3D printing in the construction industry and the companies using it already are very successful. 3D technologies help to manage the whole production process, from the early stages of the project to produce it. Structures are being 3D printed at a fraction of the regular cost and time, they are much more eco-friendly to almost zero material waste.

Case Study
India’s largest construction company, Larsen & Toubro Construction (L&T), has now completed the country’s first 3D printed two-storey building. Impressively, L&T’s building also featured vertical reinforcement bars and horizontal welded mesh distributors, and was printed in a grand total of 106 hours.

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