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Kudos to the team for coming up strong out of the pandemic. Since the pandemic is still in the minds of everyone and as we learn to accept the regulations and restrictions of the new normal.
The only thing that is back to normal is the regulation of travel restrictions in India, which means many of our suppliers and stakeholders are opening up shops and resuming normal manufacturing. But still, the challenge remains in our imports and exports in terms of shipments with expected delays with an average of 7 days.

That being said, this has not affected our business in any way, we are on the upward trajectory in achieving our YTD sales in both exports and domestics, going strongly to reach our targets set for the year. Still, the critical things are that we strive to lead globally through the quality of products and services. The essence of our leadership will depend on our ability adaption to developing situations through open-mindedness, knowledge and expertise, leadership and teamwork, and customer-centric hyper customized products and service. This is critical for us to achieve global leadership which means we need to start today and understand concepts such as TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM) and QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (QMS) This should be our team motive, Keeping the best in our spirit.

“A mind is like a parachute it doesn’t work if it is not open” – Frank Zappa


COVID – Corona became the most used word in the past 6 months all over the world. This pandemic created a stall in movement/slowdown in the world market/economy. This also created a high awareness and requirement of sanitization. Hence the requirement of fresh and clean water increasing day by day. All the governments and a lot of NGO’s are doing projects to get clean water for sanitization. This also increased domestic borehole requirements. A lot of water well projects were awarded in North and West African countries. Hence the requirement of new drill rigs increased in these areas. PRD manufacturing team providing full safe efforts to fulfill the demand of the market.
One of the West African country Mali also had a similar situation in that country change, the resignation of the president and military rule has been changed the complete scenario business between Mali and neighbouring countries stopped. The situation is getting better day by day and hopeful in the coming month everything will be back to normal business/ economic development.


The month of September and August has been a very innovative, cost prudent, and effective month. The production and ME team along with the civil and construction team, have done a marvelous contribution. With efforts focusing towards enhancing the quality of productivity our team right from the grass-root level are pushed to stay open-minded and believe that they can achieve the greater ideal.

That being said for their enhancement of Knowledge and Expertise, will only come and sustain through interactive brainstorming, learning, development, and Effective Training.
At PEX, we had a TEAM training on awareness of safety and material movement a Half-day overview on complete safety module, EOT, and mobile crab operations with a lot of interactions and training rewards work, and staff had a thorough understanding of unsafe conditions and unsafe acts of safety. Learning safety in material handling and how to call incidents, accidents, and hazards.
We thank the management for their support in organizing this training program for the betterment and development of individuals with will in turn reflect on the quality and enthusiastic PRD.

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw.


Tricone bits, first created during the great depression, represented a significant leap forward in drilling technology. Tricone drill bits are the go-to solution for almost any well digging, from everything to simple water wells to industrial-scale oil extraction.
Two types – steel tooth (MT) and tungsten carbide insert (TCI)

IADC code is short for the “International Association of Drilling Contractors”. The IADC Code for Tricone Bits defines its bearing design and other design features.
IADC Codes make it easier for drillers to describe what kind of rock bit they are looking for to the supplier.

Here is how to read an IADC Code properly:

This classification system dedicates the first 3 digits to the design and function of the tricone, with the final digit being an alphabetical code for any additional features of the bit.

Based on supplier availability and lead time, we have finalized the standard and non-standard.
* Other sizes and IADC codes can be customized.


Where’s the Plastic in Your Life?
If you answered everywhere, you’re probably not far off. This versatile material is in our appliances, computers, clothing, and so much more. The most common places we find plastic is wrapped around the things we buy every day. After all, it’s an effective way to keep things clean and fresh.
Our dependence upon plastic also has an increasingly serious downside, because we use so much and throw so much of it away. But there’s a way to fix this because more eco-friendly alternatives to plastics are out there.
The alternatives to plastic are numerous. Usually, they fall into the usage of glass, stainless steel, or wood instead of plastics. Also, as demand rises, more options will be available. And the only way to ensure that happens is to use non-plastic items whenever possible.

Here are a few tips to avoid plastics in our daily routine.
• Use reusable coffee mugs and water bottles
• Pack your own lunch in reusable containers
• Say no to straws
• Shun the plastic shopping bag
• Use eco-friendly cutlery
• Use reusable ink cartages
• Dust bin – increased recycling, cut landfill
• Green deliveries (an efficient way of transporting items)
• Share the plastic-free message.

Now if you think that just removing plastic from your home and office to some Municipal Garbage Bin is enough – you are probably living in a bubble. When this plastic waste material is dumped into the ocean, it affects the marine environment too by polluting the water and killing marine organisms.
“Make it local. Be a green warrior today and think twice about your single-use plastic”.

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