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This compact borehole drilling rig has a pull-up force of 5100 kg and can drill holes with diameters ranging from 4.5 inches to 6 inches, reaching depths of up to 150 meters. It is primarily used for domestic water wells and supports DTH and Rotary drilling methods. Powered by a 38 HP deck engine, the rig's hydraulic system operates efficiently. The feed system features a single hydraulic cylinder with a 1:2 rope reeving system. With a hydraulic tank capacity of 130 liters, the rig includes displacement pumps for feed, rotation, auxiliary operations, and micro feed. It also has a centralized control panel for easy monitoring and a hydraulic-operated breakout range for quick disassembly of rod joints. The rig offers additional options such as a mud pump, night lights, toolbox, and a 0.5-ton winch. It comes with mounting options of truck, trolley and skid.

Application Domestic Water Wells
Drilling Method DTH / Rotary Drilling
Flushing Medium Air / Water
Drilling Depth 150 m @ 114 mm
Hole Diameter 114 - 152 mm (4 ½” – 6”)
Rotary Head Type Top drive rotary head
Rotary Head Travel 2300 mm
Rod Break out method Hydraulic operated breakout system
Engine - Model Suitable Deck Engine - 38 hp
Hydraulic system Hydraulic Oil Cooler: 70 gpm
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 130 litres
Mounting Trolley / Skid / Crawler
Dimension l x b x h: 12523 x 2803 x 4445 mm
Pull up force 5100 kgf
Pull down force 3100 kgf
Pull up speed 36 m/min
Pull down Speed 59 m/min
Mast overall length 3250 mm
Rod handling length 2 m
Control panel Centralized control panel at rear end of the equipment for convenient view of drill table provided with all necessary gauges, control system and emergency switch. Locking arrangement is provided for the safety of control panel
Torque Speed Torque: 2100 Nm
Speed: 0 - 80 rpm
Centraliser Opening 10 5/8” (270 mm)
Air Compressor Make: ELGI
Compressor capacity
550 cfm - 200 psi (14 bar)
575 cfm - 225 psi (16 bar)
Mud Pump Engine / Hydraulic driven Centrifugal Mud Pump
Optional features specifications Winch: 0.5 ton
Platform structure Heavy I and C section welded steel structure covered with 5mm chequered plate

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