Product Comparison Report

Product Details
Product Name
Drilling Depth
Drilling Method
Flushing Medium
Hole Diameter
Rod Break out method
Rod Handling Method
Rotary Head Travel
Rotary Head Type
Drill Head
Engine - Model
Hydraulic system
Optional features
Rod Break out method
Rod Break out method
Rotary Head Travel
Rotary Head Type
Sampling System
Single pass depth
Under carriage
Water Pump
Optional features
Technical Specification
Product Name
Control panel
Platform structure
Pull down force
Pull down Speed
Pull up force
Pull up speed
Air Compressor
Angle Drilling
Cabin features
Centraliser Opening
Dust collector
Dust supression
Explain rod handling method features
Inclination angles
Jib Boom arm
Levelling jacks
Main winch
Mast overall length
Mud Pump
Optional attachments
Optional features specifications
RC attachments
Rod Bin
Rod Carousel
Rod Clamp
Rod diameter
Rod handling length
Safety features
SPT attachment
Tank capacities
Torque, RPM
Torque, Speed
Truck Option
Undercarriage features
Weight on bit
Wireline Winch

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