Product Description

The PRD BH 45 250 Blast Hole Rig is a specialized drilling solution designed for drilling for blasting in large -scale mines. It drills holes with a diameter of 165 mm to 240 mm, with a pull-down force of 22000 kg. It supports both DTH and Rotary drilling methods. The mast assembly, made of strong structural steel, is raised and lowered hydraulically. The hydraulic tank capacity is 950 liters.  The rig has a single pass depth of 8.4 meters and a maximum depth of 45 meters. It features a 560 hp deck engine, a spacious centralized control panel, and an air-conditioned cabin. The hydraulic system includes pumps for rotation, feed, and propulsion, along with coolers for oil and dust collection. It has hydraulic leveling jacks and a breakout wrench. The rig can be mounted on a 45-ton crawler with adjustable tramming speeds. Optional attachments include nightlights, toolbox, cameras, and mine safety features, and more.

Drilling Method DTH / Rotary
Flushing Medium Air / Water
Drilling Depth 45 m
Hole Diameter 150 – 250 mm (5.9” – 9.8”)
Rod Handling Method Rod Carousel
Rotary Head Type RG 62 - top drive head
Rotary Head Travel 9240 mm
Rod Break out method Hydraulic operated rod breakout
Single pass depth 9.1 m
Engine - Model 447 - 597 kW
Hydraulic system Hydraulic Oil Cooler : 120 gpm Hydraulic Tank Capacity : 850 litres
Dimension l x b x h: 14000 x 5800 x 5200 mm
Pull up force 11000 kgf
Pull down force 28000 kgf
Pull up speed 55.2 m/min
Pull down Speed 33.2 m/min
Weight on bit 30000 kgf (max)
Mast overall length 12.4 m
Rod Carousel 3 rod carousel
Control panel A spacious control panel is provided with all necessary gauges, control system and emergency switch.
Torque Speed Torque : 9000 Nm Speed : 0 - 140 rpm
dust collector Flow capacity: 2100 cfm
No of filters: 4 nos
Levelling jacks 3 x Hydraulic levelling jacks
Inclination angles 60 - 90 deg
Tank capacities Fuel tank: 1500 ltr Water tank: 1800 ltr Hydraulic tank: 600 ltr
Safety features Emergence push button
Walkways and railings
Auto fire detection and
suppression system
Ladder on mast
Rod catcher
Cabin features Ergonomically designed wrap-around console HVAC Cabin Two hinged and locable doors Falling Object Protective System (FOPS) Top mounted air conditioning Adjustable suspension swivel seat with seat belt
Undercarriage features Shoe width: 850 mm Track make: PRD 50T Ground contact: 3990 mm Track pad: Triple bar grouser
Platform structure Heavy I and C section welded steel structure covered with 5 mm chequered plate

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