Product Description

PRD CORE 1500 is a miners preferred hydrostatic surface core drilling rig with a diamond core drilling method, and a water flushing medium. It offers a drilling capacity of 1500 meters for NQ, 1800 for BQ, 1000 for HQ and 650 for PQ size cores. It features a high-speed top drive rotary head, capable of handling PQ, HQ, NQ, and BQ drill sizes at angles between 45 and 90 degrees. It has an under carriage of 35 tons and an operating weight of 17 tons. Powered by a suitable deck engine and a hydraulic tank capacity 0f 1000 liters. The rig utilizes a hydraulic operated triplex mud pump, and a hydraulic operated foot clamp. It also includes a centralized control panel for convenient monitoring and control, along with hydraulic rod clamp. The PRD CORE 1500 offers mounting options of Crawler, Truck, or Skid and has the provision of DTH drilling.

Application Surface exploration
Drilling Method Diamond Core
Flushing Medium Water
Drilling Depth BQ: 1800 m; NQ: 1500 m; HQ: 1000 m; PQ: 650 m
Hole Diameter BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ sizes
Rotary Head Type Four speed drill head
Rotary Head Travel 3500 mm
Engine - Model Suitable deck engine
Hydraulic system Hydraulic oil cooler: 120 gpm
Hydraulic tank capacity: 520 liters
Optional features DTH drilling provision
Pull up force 16700 kgf
Pull down force 8500 kgf
Pull up speed 28 m/min
Pull down Speed 55 m/min
Angle Drilling 45° to 90° manual locks in 5° increments
Control panel Centralized control panel is at the rear end of the equipment for a convenient view of the drill table provided with all necessary gauges, control system, and emergency switch. A locking arrangement is provided for the safety of operator.
Torque Speed 1st Ratio- Torque: 7000 - 3268 Nm | Speed: 90 - 194 rpm
2nd Ratio- Torque: 3349 - 1563 Nm | Speed: 189 - 406 rpm
3rd Ratio- Torque: 1818 - 848 Nm | Speed: 349 - 748 rpm
2nd Ratio- Torque: 1056 - 493 Nm | Speed: 600 - 1200 rpm
Rod Clamp Hydraulic-operated Rod clamp has a gripping range of PQ, HQ and NQ sizes
Winches Main winch: 12 ton
Wireline winch: 2 ton
Mud Pump Hydraulic-operated triplex mud pump
Maximum flow: 140 lpm
Maximum pressure: 1000 psi
Safety features Guards on all rotating equipment
Platform structure Heavy I and C section welded steel structure covered with chequered plate

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