Product Description

PRD CORE 300 is a preferred surface core drilling rig for miners, offering a drilling capacity of 300 meters for NQ size cores. It features a high-speed top drive rotary head, capable of handling PQ, HQ, NQ, and BQ drill sizes at angles between 45 and 90 degrees. Powered by a 52 hp deck engine, It includes a centralized control panel for convenient monitoring and control, along with 4 hydraulic leveling jacks equipped with locking check valves for safety and stability. The PRD CORE 300 offers mounting options of Crawler, Truck, or Skid, providing miners with a reliable, efficient, and versatile drilling solution.

Application Surface exploration - Limestone, Coal, Iron ore & other minerals
Drilling Method Diamond Core
Flushing Medium Water
Drilling Depth NQ: 300 m; HQ: 200 m; PQ: 100 m
Hole Diameter NQ, HQ, PQ sizes
Rotary Head Type Two speed drill head
Rotary Head Travel 3500 mm
Rod Break out method Hydraulic operated break out systm
Engine - Model Suitable deck engine
Hydraulic system Hydraulic oil cooler: 120 gpm
Hydraulic tank capacity: 300 liters
Dimension l x b x h: 5400 x 1800 x 2400 mm
Weight 7 ton*
Optional features DTH drilling provision
Pull up force 6900 kgf
Pull down force 3500 kgf
Pull up speed 21 m/min
Pull down Speed 40 m/min
Angle Drilling 45° to 90° manual locks in 5° increments
Control panel Centralized control panel is at the rear end of the equipment for a convenient view of the drill table provided with all necessary gauges, control system, and emergency switch. A locking arrangement is provided for the safety of operator.
Torque Speed 1st Ratio: Torque: 3175 - 1161 Nm | Speed: 113 - 309 rpm
2nd Ratio: Torque: 958 - 350 Nm | Speed: 375 - 1026 rpm
Rod Clamp Hydraulic-operated Rod clamp has gripping range of PQ, HQ and NQ sizes
Winches Main winch: 3 ton
Wireline winch: 1 ton
Mud Pump Hydraulic-operated triplex mud pump
Maximum flow: 80 lpm
Maximum pressure: 750 psi
Safety features Guards on all rotating equipment
Platform structure Heavy I and C section welded steel structure covered with chequered plate

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