Product Description

The PRD HC 500 D is designed specifically for quarry drilling applications. With a pull-down force of 1500 kgf (14.7 kn) and a drilling method of Top Hammer. it is capable of drilling holes with a diameter range of 38 mm to 45 mm (1.4" to 1.7"). The drill rod diameter is H22 and the maximum drill depth is up to 3 m (10 ft). The rig offers a pull-up force of 1500 kgf (14.7 kn) and features diameter angle options of 45°, 90°, and 180° for enhanced drilling versatility. Optional attachments such as a dust collector and dust suppression system are available to meet specific requirements.

Application Drilling for blasting in Quarries Dimension stone industry
Drilling Method Top hammer
Flushing Medium Air
Drilling Depth 10 feet
Hole Diameter 38 - 45 mm
Rotary Head Type Top drive head
Engine - Model Diesel Driven Prime Mover 86 hp
Hydraulic system 10 kw
Under carriage 5 ton*
Dimension l x w x h: 5280 x 1920 x 2500 mm
Pull up force 1500 kgf
Pull down force 1500 kgf
Pull up speed 30 m/min
Pull down Speed 30 m/min
Control panel Centralized control panel is at front left-end of the equipment for convenient view of drill table provided with all necessary gauges, control system and emergency switch.
Torque Speed Torque : 160 Nm
Speed : 150 - 300 rpm
Rod diameter 2 1/2"
Inclination angles 45° to 90°
Tank capacities Lubrication Tank: 3 litres
Hydraulic Tank: 180 litres
Undercarriage features Tramming speed: 2.5 km/hr
Ground clearance: 280 mm

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