Product Description

The PRD hydraulic rig is designed specifically for quarry drilling applications. With a pull-down force of 1500 kgf (14.7 kn) and a drilling method of DTH it is capable of drilling holes with a diameter range of 90 mm to 127 mm (3 1/2" to 5"). The drill rod diameter is 76 mm (3") and the maximum drill depth is up to 15 m (50 ft). The rig offers a pull-up force of 1500 kgf (14.7 kn) and features diameter angle options of 45°, 90°, and 180° for enhanced drilling versatility. Optional attachments such as a dust collector and dust suppression system are available to meet specific requirements.

Application Drilling for blasting in Quarries
Dimension stone industry
Drilling Method DTH
Flushing Medium Air
Drilling Depth 15 m
Hole Diameter 89 – 125 mm (3 ½” - 5")
Rotary Head Type Top drive head
Rotary Head Travel 4280 mm
Engine - Model Suitable Deck engine 55 hp
Hydraulic system Maximum system pressure: 2030 psi
Hydraulic tank capacity: 160 litres
Under carriage 5 ton*
Dimension l x w x h: 5280 x 1920 x 2500 mm
Optional features Dust collector
Dust suppression system
Centralised lubrication system
Pull up force 1500 kgf
Pull down force 1500 kgf
Pull up speed 30 m/min
Pull down Speed 30 m/min
Mast overall length 5000 mm
Control panel Centralized control panel is at front left-end of the equipment for convenient view of drill table provided with all necessary gauges, control system and emergency switch.
Torque Speed Torque : 1800 Nm
Speed : 0 - 50 rpm
Rod diameter 2 1/2"
Inclination angles Vertical & Horizontal - 45°/ 90° / 180°
Tank capacities Lubrication Tank: 3 litres
Hydraulic Tank: 160 litres
Safety features Mines safety features
Undercarriage features Tramming speed: 2.5 km/hr

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