Product Description

The PRD Multistar is a versatile drilling rig known for its ability to handle various drilling methods such as DTH, reverse circulation, and core drilling. With a drilling capacity of 750 meters and a drilling angle range of 45 to 90 degrees, it is powered by a robust 260 HP deck engine. The rig features a heavy welded steel platform structure with a twin tubular box type mast assembly. The hydraulic system ensures smooth operation, with double-acting hydraulic cylinders and a 1:2 chain reeving system in the feed system. The rig is equipped with displacement piston pumps for feed, rotation, and winches, hydraulic cooling, auxiliary operations, and micro feed. It has a hydraulic tank capacity of 850 liters. The rig also offers convenient control with a swing-out centralized control panel, equipped with necessary gauges, control systems, and an emergency switch. Additional features include optional attachments like mine safety features, a spin cage, and an RC fitted cone splitter. The PRD Multistar provides mounting options of truck, crawler, and skid for added flexibility.

Application Surface exploration
Drilling Method Reverse Circulation / Diamond Core drilling
Flushing Medium Air
Drilling Depth Diamond Core : NQ - 1200 m
RC : 400 m @ 140 mm (5 ½”)
Hole Diameter Core: PQ, HQ, NQ size
RC : 140 mm (5 ½”)
Rod Handling Method RED 180 Rod handling system for vertical and angle drilling operated through wireless radio remote control.
Extended swing out arm provided with controls for rod handling operations.
Rotary Head Type High torque multipurpose drill head
Rotary Head Travel 7000 mm
Rod Break out method RC: Hands free dual break out system Core: MAKORBREAK LD break out system
Sampling System Advanced cyclone with adjustable split static cone splitter
Engine - Model Deck engine 360 hp
Hydraulic system Hydraulic oil cooler: 120 gpm
Hydraulic tank capacity: 850 liters
Dimension lxbxh: 12000 x 3100 x 4500 mm
Weight 45 Ton*
Optional features Mines safety features
Spin cage
RC fixed cone splitter
Pull up force 25800 kgf (56890 lb.f)
Pull down force 17700 kgf (39028 lb.f)
Pull up speed 29 m/min
Pull down Speed 66 m/min
Angle Drilling 45° to 90° manual locks in 5° increments
Jib Boom arm Jib boom arm is provided for handling drill rods during Angle drilling
Rod Bin 32 nos * 6 m = 192 m
Control panel Extended Swing out – Centralized control panel is at the rear end of the equipment for a convenient view of the drill table provided with all necessary gauges, control system, and emergency switch. A locking arrangement is provided for the safety of operator.
Torque Speed Low speed (rpm): 139 – 157
High torque (Nm): 9600 – 6148
High speed (rpm): 800 – 1250
Low torque (Nm): 1671 – 1069
RC attachments RC head, RC hose
Top swivel
Bottom entry air swivel
Deflector box
Blow up / down unit
Rod Clamp Hydraulic-operated Rod clamp has gripping range of PQ, HQ, NQ sizes
Winches Main winch: 10 ton
Wireline winch: 2 ton
Air Compressor 1200 cfm - 500 psi (35 bar)
1165 cfm - 508 psi (35 bar)
Mud Pump Hydraulic operated PRD 200 Mud Pump (8" x 6")
Hydraulic / Engine operated PRD 250 Mud Pump (10" x 7")
Safety features Guards on all rotating equipment
Anti-slip grid mesh on all work platforms
Hand rails on all work platforms
Emergency stops in the control cabin and on all corners of the machine
Heat guards on all exhaust manifolds and piping
Battery isolator
Fire Extinguisher
Platform structure Heavy I and C section welded steel structure covered with chequered plate

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