Product Description

The PRD Weep Hole drilling rig is specialized for creating horizontal weep holes for dewatering purposes, reaching depths of up to 250 meters. 

Application Horizontal dewatering
Drilling Method DTH
Flushing Medium Air
Drilling Depth 250 m
Hole Diameter (127 mm - 203 mm) 5" - 8"
Rod Handling Method Hands free rod handling system
Rotary Head Type Top drive
Rotary Head Travel 4000 mm
Rod Break out method Hydraulic operated dual Rod clamp
Engine - Model Suitable Diesel Driven - 180 hp
Hydraulic system Max system pressure: 210 bar
Hydraulic tank capacity: 560 litres
Pull up force 12434 daN (12680 Kgf)
Pull down force 8540 daN (8710 Kgf)
Mast overall length 5700 mm
Control panel Centralized control panel at rear end of the equipment for convenient view of drill table provided with all necessary gauges, control system and emergency switch.
Torque Speed 5150 Nm
Platform structure Rugged Base frame structure for heavy duty application, supported by four levelling jack

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